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Tiffani Bowser

Tiffani is the owner and creator of Destination Journey, a collage of tools, resources, events, and retreats designed to help women reach the height of their potential. 

The best way to describe what and who she is, is to say that she is a guide for women just like her who are beginning their second life awakening. 

From intention-setting waistbeads made with specific colors and crystals, to all-natural goddess body products, home decor and detox kits, Tiffani has spent hours upon hours of time researching, developing and producing products and services that make women feel more powerful, aligned and intentional.  

She hosts events a number of events throughout the year:

- Waistbead tie-on ceremonies to educate on the tie-on process and provide a space to set intentions in a supportive group setting. 

- Physical and Emotional Detox programs designed to support the emotional detox process that coincides with ridding the body of toxins. 

- Workshops and mini-retreats, tailor-made events to target self-limiting beliefs, support progress, address nervous system dynamics and growth and foster fellowship with other dope souls.  

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